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June 12 2018

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Moje miasto takie piękne.
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June 09 2018

It's nice feeling like myself again!

June 03 2018

it's been 23 days

May 18 2018

I miss the air, I miss my friends I miss my mother, I miss it when Life was a party to be thrown But that was a million years ago
— Million Years Ago - Adele

May 15 2018

I miss you

May 13 2018

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Pamiętaj, że nieotrzymanie tego, czego pragniesz jest czasami cudownym zrządzeniem losu.
— Dalajlama
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Czasami, gdy ludzie odsuwali od siebie innych, tak naprawdę  pragnęli bliskości.
— Brittainy C. Cherry - "Woda, która niesie ciszę"
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when your life is falling apart and you pretend everything is all good.

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